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 Great companies are founded on exceptional service and consistent results. 

5 Star Recruitment is proud to represent so many outstanding organizations and individuals in their pursuit of excellence.

 Here's what some of them are saying...

“Outreach to the men and women of the US Armed Forces is a major point in the strategic recruitment plans for the Los Angeles Police and Fire Departments. History shows that candidates with military experience tend to possess the physical and mental prowess, as well as the heart for service necessary to succeed in a public safety career. 5 Star Recruitment has done a wonderful job at getting our message to potential candidates that might not have otherwise found their way to our organization. Coupled with friendly customer service and top-notch responsiveness, 5 Star is a great asset to have in reaching some of the best candidates in the job market today.”

-Janeshia Robinson, Sr. Personnel Analyst, City of Los Angeles - Personnel Dept. Public Safety Bureau - Recruitment & Selection Division


"I have to say that we are very pleased with the results we have received while using 5 Star Recruitment here at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Medical Services Bureau. The stats don’t lie. Just in the past month we have received numerous leads covering the many medical job classifications that are critically needed in our facility from CNAs to Physicians. In fact, we just renewed our contract for at least another year!  Thanks 5 Star." 

–Roger Gallion, RN, BHS, Medical Recruiter, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

“DRS Sustainment Systems is committed to hiring veterans as part of our strategic recruitment plan.  Those who have served in the military and are familiar with our products and technology make great employees.  5 Star Recruitment and the Veteran's Joblink are great avenues for us to reach out to those men and women who have served this country proudly.  The number of applicants and the quality of the individuals is outstanding.  Thank you for the awesome level of customer service you provide to our recruitment needs. DRS Sustainment Systems looks forward to a longstanding partnership with 5 Star.”

-Steve Rulon, Recruiter II, DRS Technologies


“I want to thank you for the great support you have provided to me and Belmont Village over the past several years. Belmont is dedicated to employing those who have served our country in the various branches of the US Military. Posting our open positions on the 5 Star Recruitment job board has provided us an amazing platform to reach out to service men and women nationwide who are seeking employment in the private sector. The result has been  a consistent stream of applicants for our multiple locations. The addition of the 5 Star Job Link this year has easily doubled the number of qualified applicants contacting us for employment through 5 Star Recruitment. Thank you for introducing us to 5 Star Recruitment and for your attentive servicing of our account.”   

-Deborah Gerth, VP of Human Resources, Belmont Village


"The service received was top notch, the staff were pleasant and helpful, providing exactly what we needed and answering all of our questions. The final ad was nicely arranged and great value for money. I would not hesitate to use 5 Star Recruitment in the future."

-Tony Vercillo, President, IFMC, Inc.

“I’ve had ongoing hiring needs for the last 7 years. I didn’t think there were any resources out there I didn’t already know about. But, ultimately, I was surprised to learn about this niche market…and 5 Star Recruitment continues to be a very useful site, connecting me to these great candidates.  I’d never considered this before.”

-Michael Taylor, Juvelle Technologies, Inc.


I am a nurse at a Military hospital and got my training in the Air Force. My husband will be relocating to a new job, so I needed to find a hospital looking for an OR nurse in the area. I was happy to find one immediately in just 1 interview! How perfect is that! I will be recommending your website to my friends that are in the process of transitioning out. Keep up the good work.
-Susan James, RN  


I will be finished with my tour of duty in another month and have been reviewing your site for companies that are looking to hire people with my skills. I have found quite a few and have already contacted them and have interviews set up. They seemed eager to meet me as well. I also found information on relocation which is very helpful. My buddy, Dave, looked up a job on your website about a month ago and is already working there. I am positive that with my background and security clearance I will have no problem landing the job I want with one of these companies.
-Alex Ramierez, US Army 

My wife is in the Military, and suggested I use your site to investigate new jobs for my career. I didn't think the companies I called would be very responsive to me. I thought they would only be interested in Military personnel. I was delighted to find otherwise. I interviewed at 3 different companies on your site and was offered 2 of the jobs. I am currently employed at an excellent company with great benefits and want to thank you for helping families of military personnel as well. I'm glad I listened to my wife!
-Mark Tabor


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